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This valuable tool includes everything you need to plan your new kitchen project, with helpful ideas that will take you from concept through to installation.

What’s inside the Kitchen Planning Guide?

1. Plan
What is it that your new Kitchen simply must have?
2. Budgeting
In a typical kitchen these are the elements that you can expect at these price points.
3. Style
Style and design are not mutually exclusive; in a well-designed kitchen they complement each other, striking the balance between style and function.
4. Design
Design is the difference between fine and fantastic.
7. Our Process
It’s not just what Advanced Cabinetry do that is excellent, it’s how they do it t at makes things exceptional.
8. Getting Started
Use an included checklist to help you consolidate your kitchen design preferences.
5. Finishes
Colour and Texture are noticeable features in any Kitchen, colour has the power to seduce, relax, or excite. It is possibly the most emotional element of any room.
6. Appliances
Your kitchen might be nearly there, but you won’t have much to eat, or eat on, without appliances.
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Kitchen Planning Guide
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Download Your Free Planner
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